weekend-cat-blogging #102

Schnurrli in the kitchen
Hello you wonderful kitties out there ??? Paulchens foodblog is hosting this weeks cat-blogging #102. I am Schnurrli, master of all cat’s in lamiacucina’s kitchen and I think I am a beauty !

my profile:
age about 20 years old, who knows? male. my interests: contents of the fridge and pans. political: I think, a food-blog can’t be a serious food-blog without cats. My masters: have the bad habit, to bring souvenir cats from their travels, so I am not the only cat in this kitchen. But the boss it’s me !

7 thoughts on “weekend-cat-blogging #102”

  1. What a gorgeous cat you are! Might I ask if you have any other purposes in life than being beautiful, like being a container for cookies perhaps?

    Great entry:)

  2. @kashim&Otello
    thanks for the warm welcome to Schnurrli in WCB. Whenever I make fotografs of a dish for the next food-posting, my other cats are hanging around my legs to be fotografed for the next event.

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